thesis project by Soraia Binz

produced under the supervision of Nicolas Nova (HEAD Genève, Near Future Laboratory)


#interactive #ui #chocolate #emotion

“émoi” is a service and "data gustation" interface that takes advantage of today’s digital systems (ie. e-commerce, ubiquitous computing, sentiment analysis algorithms) in order to reinvent the longstanding tradition of sharing and gifting chocolates as an expression of interpersonal attitudes and feelings.

émoi allows its user to create an edible representation of their emotions via a representation language that is based on research into the human gustatory and oral somatosensory experience. As a result émoi lets the user communicate their sentiment using appropriately defined qualities of taste, texture, shape and colour as presented through chocolate.


Thesis Project Grade 6.0 (Highest Mark)



 "Student Notable" in Speculative Concept section of Core77 Design Awards 2016

Shortlisted for IxDAwards 2016



Lift India 2015

Lift Conference 16



Times of India

Bangalore Mirror

20 minuti

arctic mOcean

a project by Soraia Binz

produced under the supervision of Bill Keays (Cirque du Soleil)


#interactive #environments #processing #box2d #game

“arctic mOcean” is an audience-driven interactive game that seeks to challenge the traditional notion of the static spectator within the theatrical performance. The concept aims engage the audience by allowing them to affect the show’s plot progression through their participation in a dynamic group-collaboration-driven game as part of the show. The proposed game dynamic not only gives the audience the ability to occupy the stage through the game, but it also effectively creates a simple audience-produced variable that can be used to define the plot evolution (ie. each team can represent one of two sides within the plot: protagonist vs. antagonist)

“arctic mOcean” was produced following a brief proposed by Cirque du Soleil for a winter-themed performance arena. The prescribed objective was to create an immersive experience designed to encourage audience engagement while placing ‘ice’ and/or its composing characteristics at the centre of the experience concept.


a project by Soraia Binz and Giulia Rouge

produced under the supervision of Massimo Banzi (Arduino) and Lorenzo Romagnoli


#tangible #arduino #YUN #interactive #connected

Hangoutable provides you with a quick and hassle-free way of coordinating real-life hangouts with your close group of friends. It uses a simple visualization system composed of 6 basic activity types in order to provide a quick overview of what everyone in your group is currently in the mood for. This not only facilitates linking up with friends who are merely free to hangout, but it also lets the user identify which friends in the group have selected hangout types that match their own.

Hangoutable provides the following hangout settings: “take me out”, “come over”, “either way”, “quick break”, “alone time”, and “incognito”.

Hangoutable is ideal for friends with busy work/study schedules in the need of facilitating the coordination of plans in order to make the most of their free time. Hangoutable is also perfect for spontaneous, on the go, and last minute planners.

Hangoutable is the prototype for a physical interface that also provides a mobile phone touchpoint for remote access functionality.



Maker Faire Rome 2015



taction maze

a project by Soraia Binz and Hanne Eriksen

produced under the supervision of Massimo Banzi (Arduino)


#tangible #arduino #interactive #game

Taction Maze is a tabletop game that lets two players cooperate in navigating through a conductive maze using a robotic arm that moves along cartesian coordinates. One player navigates by manipulating only X values, while the other player only manipulates Y values.

The maze is laid out using conductive copper pieces that allow an Arduino Leonardo board to detect when the robotic arm’s metal tip is touching the maze perimeters, giving off a blinking red light when this happens.

Not only does Taction Maze bring a new challenge to the classic maze game by requiring two players to work together, not against each other, to reach the end goal, but the game can also be a fun way to introduce the cartesian coordinate system to children.



Maker Faire Rome 2015


monster type

a project by Soraia Binz

produced under the supervision of Andreas Gysin (ertdfgcvb.ch)


#creativeprogramming #processing #interactive #type

Monster Type is a series of interactive letters that make up a complete alphabet set. The focus of the assigned brief was to create ‘monstrous’ letter designs that could come to life by integrating a variety of animations and interactions. The produced letters were intended to be a fun, expressive way to communicate a mood or thought through graphic images and dynamic interactions, as opposed to being a functional text that is intended to be purely readable.


Each student was assigned a minimum of three letters to produce using the processing programming language. Within this scope, I produced three unique letter designs that currently incorporate between 5 to 6 letters each, but are implemented in such a way that they can be easily expanded to include the entire alphabet.

Other Work

All projects in this section were produced either independently or in a team as part of SUPSI's Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design (MAIND) program.


MAIND is an intensive program that covers the following topics: Arduino, Tangible Interfaces, Processing, CAD, Digital Fabrication, Data Visualisation, Application and Service Design


My role throughout the projects often involved programming in Arduino and Processing, as well as interaction and conceptual design and development.


All videos and motion graphics produced by Soraia Binz