website by Soraia Binz and Chris Hails

produced for client for personal/professional use



#ornithology #website #switzerland

Key roles

  • content design - content production - content writing
  • information architecture - user research - usability testing 
  • media production - graphic design 
  • web standards - media standards for web 

The client came to me with a website that was in very bad shape. Not being a particularly tech-savvy person, they had bugs, hacks and security issues resulting from not being able to update their CMS.

The website was old, out of date and not user-friendly, so a complete overhaul was needed.

The quantity of content to update and restructure from the old site was large. And I had to tackle the challenge of organising and displaying lengthy ornithological taxonomy and cutting through technical jargon.

I worked on creating a cohesive visual style that facilitated readability, sitewide navigation and searchability.

I revamped the website's information architecture by creating a clear and robust navigation system and by restructuring the whole website.

I advised on content and style through prototyping and improving upon existing pages, stripping down ones that were too dense, advising on the inclusion of use of headings and summary sections to facilitate readability, and by generally improving content structure and layout.


I created content in the form of video, image and text.



Project description

Wildechoes.org is a personal ornithology page created for Chris Hails exploring Swiss nature and birds through sound, image and word.







The Chalet Sessions


a project by Soraia Binz and Jeremy Moser

Role: Creative Director



#music #sessions #switzerland #chalet

Key roles

  • communication - storytelling - copywriting
  • content design - content production - content writing
  • media production - motion design - graphic design - audio production
  • web standards - media standards for web and social media
  • team effort - collaboration - team leading

For this project, I handled the content production fully. In most cases, I produced the video, motion, graphics and copy myself, and where this was not the case I lead the direction of the production. I designed the website, scripted modifications where needed and prepared it for various SEO functionalities. All image and video content was produced according to online media standards.


Project description

The Chalet Sessions was created with the purpose of supporting aspiring musicians and the local music culture in Switzerland. The project places a particular focus on the Swiss experience by inviting artists from all corners of Switzerland, as well as international artists passing through the area, for an opportunity to perform within a traditional backdrop that includes typical Swiss chalets and unforgettable regional landscapes.

The Chalet Sessions offers participating musicians professional-grade audio recording accompanied by a high-quality video of a short performance within this unique setting. The sessions are intended to showcase each artist in a relaxed and honest context.


RTS 1 - Fête nationale de 1er août: Par monts et par vaux 
RTR - Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha
Couleur 3 - Supersonic
Le Matin
RTS la 1ère - Paradiso
Le Mur Du Son
My Big Geneva
Ron Orp







Overground Festival 2017

produced by Soraia Binz

Role: Content Producer, Production Manager


#overground #festival #music #geneva

This project was produced for Overground Festival, a Geneva-based festival that takes place every summer at the heart of the city on Ile Rousseau. A promo clip was produced leading up to the event, as well as supplementary content taken from The Chalet Sessions project to produce additional promotional material for the live section of the event. Additional content was produced during the festival as well. Most content was destined primarily for social media release.

Responsibilities within project

Preproduction / Production / Postproduction

United Nations Orchestra

produced by Soraia Binz

Role: Content Producer, Production Manager


#unitednations #orchestra #victoriahall #geneva

This project was produced for The United Nations Orchestra, a charity orchestra composed of musicians that also work for international organisations, dedicated to supporting humanitarian causes through music. All live footage was filmed during Geneva’s Fete de la Musique. Supplementary footage was filmed during a rehearsal leading up to the event.

Responsibilities within project

Preproduction / Production Director / Postproduction